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I’m not sure where to begin with this one, my heads still spinning from the events of the last few days. Fact is, my new wife is becoming a slut and I’m encouraging her.
Wendy is just your ordinary plain looking girl next door. She’s pretty but not beautiful with a nice body and bubbly personality. Although a little plump, I call it puppy fat; she has great legs and really big firm tits topped with very sensitive nipples. She works as a play group assistant at a local school and I met her there shortly after my wife walked out leaving me and four year Paul to fend for ourselves. At 23, Wendy was ten years my junior but we hit it off straight away. Within two weeks we were dating and nine months later we were married.horny hot sluts When it came to sex she was totally naïve. Her one and only experience was with a fumbling teenager who according to her, popped her cherry and then lasted two to three minutes before pulling out and coming all over her tits. It hurt so much she didn’t do it again.
Although she tried hard she wasn’t the brightest kid on the block but with gentle persistence I slowly taught her everything I knew about sex including toys, oral and anal. Within a year She was really enjoying herself. Not only did she now enjoy sex, but, she discovered she was multi orgasmic and when excited her clit was nearly as big as her nipples, a clear sign that she was ready to fuck. And that brings me to the events of last weekend.
horny sluts
Friday was warm and sticky and Wendy was wearing a knee length button up the front light weight cotton floral dress, white bra and panties and some high heel sandals. With Paul staying at grandma’s for the whole weekend we decided to have a meal out and then go see a film. The meal was great with plenty of wine and by the time we reached the cinema complex Wendy was well on the way. I love her like this. She gets extremely loving and very, very randy. The small cinema was packed and we ended up sitting on the back row one seat in. I had my arm round her shoulder while she nestled up against me, her left hand resting on my slut
The film turned out to extremely raunchy and in one scene three men broke into a house and having tied the husband to a chair they were slowly stripping the wife demanding he tell them the safe combination. With two men holding her the third ripped open her blouse and cut through her bra. He then started to tease her nipples with the knife. Wendy began to fidget in her seat. On screen the man had now cut away the woman’s skirt and was running the blade over a very prominent pussy mound hidden behind some black lace panties. Wendy squirmed even more and started to run her hand along my thigh giving me a hard on. I was really surprised by her forwardness but as I leaned forward to adjust my bulge I got a real shock. The man sitting the other side had his hand half on his thigh and half on Wendy’s. I pretended not to notice and leaned back. As I watched out of the corned of my eye, his hand moved completely onto her leg, just above her knee. He kept it still for a while and then started to slowly move it higher. Wendy seemed riveted to the action on the screen.horny milf
Things on screen were moving slightly faster now and the woman was being held down while the men took turns raping her in front of the husband. As I looked down again I saw Wendy’s nipples straining for release and the man’s hand working up under her dress. She began to fidget even more, opening her legs as wide a possible in the confined space and pulling my hand down to her nipple. It was rock hard. As the third guy fucked the helpless woman, Wendy had a small orgasm. The man’s hand was now covered by her dress and I guessed her was rubbing her pussy. Just then the intermission arrived and the man hurriedly withdrew his hand and left his seat.horny hot milfs
“Wow, that was incredible,” Wendy said turning to kiss me. I didn’t know whether she meant the guy fingering her or the film. “What bit did you like best?” I asked, not letting on tat I knew. “Hmm, all of it, especially when they all had her and made the husband watch.” She grabbed my hard on. “I can see you were enjoying it. Would you like that to be me?” Christ, she knew which buttons to push. I suggested we leave so I could fuck her brains out but she wanted to see the end of the film. “OK then, but why don’t you go to the ladies and take your bra and panties off. No one will know, and then I can fuck you in the car park as soon as the film finishes.” A big smile and she was away, returning a few minutes later with her underwear stuffed in her handbag. The lights started to dim and she cuddled up again, just as the man returned to his seat. I noticed that she’d left some of the top and bottom buttons of her dress horny sluts
The men had now kidnapped the woman and taken her to their hide out while hubby tried to raise the ransom money. She was naked apart from her boots and was made to wait on the men as they played cards. Each man would touch her up and every now and again she was taken into a grubby bedroom thrown on dingy mattress and rapped again.
It wasn’t long before the guy had his hand on Wendy’s thigh again and I was dying to see what would happen when he found out she’d taken her panties off. I didn’t have to wait long. “Ohhh,” Wendy jumped just a little. His hand was on her cunt. I looked at my wife as this stranger fingered her. Her eyes were riveted to the screen and she was breathing heavily, but not once did she look at him. Her left hand was rubbing my cock through my trousers while with her right she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit. hot mommyHer nipples felt even bigger as I played with them through the flimsy material of her summer dress. This time She came big time making enough noise to attract the people around us. Grabbing her things I quickly dragged her from her seat, the man’s fingers making a squelching noise as they left her cunt. “Car park, third floor, row D, silver Voyager in the far corner.” The man nodded.
We reached the car park giggling like a couple of school kids and leaning her against the wall I felt under her dress. Her cunt was dripping. “You little slut, you let that man finger you didn’t you?” Of course I knew the answer but wanted to hear her explanation. She pressed her cunt hard onto me and looked at me with lust filled eyes. “I just couldn’t help myself, it was so exciting.” I kissed her hard and fingered her some more. horny milfs“Just how far would you have let him go, huh? Did you want to be like that woman on the film, tied up and fucked senseless by a load of men?” She came hard on my fingers, “Yes, oh God yesssssss.” We moved to the car. The voyager is a big 7 seat people carrier with sliding doors and with the front seats folded forward there’s plenty of room in the back. I stood her beside the open door. “Strip!” “What, here? What is someone sees me?” “Well, if it’s a man then I might just let him fuck you.” Looking nervously around she started to undo the buttons on her dress. I took it from her and threw it onto the front seat. She looked fantastic standing there naked apart from her heels. I started to suck her tits and finger her pussy, all the while looking for the man to arrive. It was as I had Wendy leaning back against the car, eyes shut tight and legs open wide that the man approached. I signalled him to remain silent. “Would you like that guy in the pictures to fuck you?” I asked, working her clit extra hard. “Hmm, Oh yes.” I sat on the back seat and opened my fly. “Suck it.” Standing outside, wearing nothing but her heels and a big smile, She leaned forward into the car and took my hard cock into her wet warm
With everything that had happened I was finding it extremely difficult to hold back, especially when she took me into her throat. “Christ you’re a good little cock sucker.” She smiled up at me, “Look who taught me,” she replied. “Would you like some cock up your cunt now, while you suck my cock?” She looked me in the eye, “Hmmmm, you bet.” I held her head firmly down on my cock as the man, taking this as his signal, grabbed her hips and guided his cock into her wet hole. She froze as he touched her firm buttocks and then tried to pull away but I held her tight. Suddenly, the man lunged forward, pushing her mouth even deeper on my cock. As he pulled back she raised her head, eyes open wide in surprise. “Oh God, he’s so big.” horny hot slutsThat did it for me. The sight of some total stranger fucking my naked wife in a public car park plus the fact that he had a big cock up her made me cum like never before. She tried her best to get my spurting cock back in her mouth but spunk went everywhere, over her face, in her hair and even the seat in front. She managed to get some in her mouth and after licking the last remaining drips from my wilting prick she made a big thing about scooping it all up and swallowing it. Now it was down to the man sluts
He increased his pace making her moan with pleasure and I leaned forward and played with her nipples, pulling and twisting them the way I knew she liked it. He was really going at her now, holding her hips and pistoning in and out of her willing cunt. From my position on the back seat all I could see was my wife leaning forward and the guy from the shoulders down. It suddenly dawned on me that neither of us had seen his face or even knew his name. Not that it mattered much because within seconds he was only the third man ever to shoot a load up Wendy’s cunt. “Oh fuck yes, I can feel him coming.” The man continued to thrust as Wendy went into her own orgasm until finally she fell forward, her head in my lap and the man withdrew. As he stood there I saw his cock for the first time. Even semi hard it had to be at least 7-8 inches long, no wonder she was loving it. “Christ that was good,” Wendy said recovering enough to sit up. When she looked round the man had vanished.horny sex
Wendy put her dress back on and we drove home in silence, each deep in thought about what had just happened. Indoors she came to me and held me tight. “Oh my god, what have I done?” Tears were welling in her eyes as the reality of the situation hit home. I, on the other hand was sporting a big hard on re-running the images through my mind. “Did you enjoy it?” I asked. She looked at me as if trying to fathom the answer. I’d always taught her to talk honestly and freely about her feelings, so, taking a big breath she answered “yes, yes I did.” “OK, then, lets talk about it, which bit did you like the best?” “All of it. When that guy started to touch my leg in the cinema it sent shivers through me. I was about to tell you but the film got to the rape scene and I just felt so turned on. I don’t know whether it was the film or the drink but I didn’t even realise he was running his hand up my skirt until I felt him brush against my pussy. It felt so wicked. Then, when you told me to take my bra and panties of my head was spinning. I wanted you to feel me but hoped that he would as well.”horny sluts
As she spoke I undid the buttons on her dress exposing both ripe tits with bullet hard nipples. “Go on.” She held my head lovingly in her hands as I sucked on a nipple. “When the film came back on and they were touching her and raping her I just lost it. I felt so randy. And then when the man started to play with my pussy again I just exploded.” By now we were both naked and heading for the sofa. “So, you enjoyed being touched up and fingered by a stranger huh?” She looked at me dumfounded. “You’re right, I didn’t even see his face.” “No, but you enjoyed his cock didn’t you.” As she lay back on the sofa she grabbed my cock and guided it into her spunk filled hole. It was like swimming through cream, thick, warm and sensuous. “That was your doing, not mine,” she reminded me. I was holding her nipples as I slowly reamed in and out of her used cunt. It was the best feeling in the world and she easily picked up on my an horny
“How does that feel, do you like fucking me with all his spunk still up me?” My cock grew an extra inch. “Hmmm, I think you liked it didn’t you. You’re really turned on aren’t you.” She was teasing me now but knew that I loved every minute of it. “Did you like watching that big cock fuck me. Ohhhh, he was soooooo big. Did you like that, huh?” I had unconsciously speeded up and she was thrusting her hips up to meet my every thrust. “Did you like me sucking your prick while that BIG cock fucked me, huh baby, did you?” She kept emphasising the size of the guys cock as though taunting me about it. But strangely enough, the more she talked about it the more turned on I got. “And what about you, did you enjoy acting like a fucking slut, letting a total stranger finger your cunt and then fuck you?” We were going at it like steam trains, each getting off on the others taunts. “Your just a cock hungry slut, a fuck whore, how’d you like that huh, you like being a whore?”horny hot sluts
We were driving each other crazy and I was now pumping her cunt like fury. “Next weekend I’m going to take you out dressed like a slut and let loads of other men fuck you. Let them spunk up your whorish cunt and in your mouth, is that what you want?” As she screamed yes we both hit the roof. I shot so much spunk my cock and balls actually hurt. Wendy lifted her hips of the sofa taking me with her and driving my cock in to the limit. She grabbed both her tits and savagely squeezed them as her body shook, settling into a series of smaller jerks until finally she collapsed back onto the sofa totally exhausted. We both agreed that it had been the most exciting thing we had ever done and I for one can’t wait until next weekend. Wendy’s agreed to come to a porn cinema dressed in stockings.
Should be fun.

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